Managed Services

Focus on your core objectives with peace of mind about everything else

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Enable a disruption-free IT environment

Growing businesses often face the challenge of needing enterprise-level IT support, but not being able to justify staffing a full-time, in-house team. Working with a managed IT services partner is a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable solution to this challenge. The proper guidance and expert assistance can ensure your IT needs are fulfilled with the appropriate resources to ensure a seamless and disruption-free operation throughout your entire organization. Running optimally also helps your business focus its resources on its core functionalities.

We don't want to be anti-IT Departments. Our MS offering can easily augment an over-stretched IT staff, freeing them up to work on projects instead of putting out fires all day.At FIRESPARK.IT, we aim to maximize the potential of your technology and help our clients stay ahead of the curve of a continually evolving tech environment. Your growth is our growth, so we look to tap into the explosive potential of your IT and unlock the intelligence hidden within your own company data. We help you automate and secure everything.

Our Services Portfolio

Backup / Disaster Recovery

Protect your organization’s and your clients’ data and ensure a disruption-free operation with our comprehensive solution

Security / Identity Management

Enable a secure IT environment and establish efficient security policies, procedures, and processes while protecting access to your company’s data and platforms.

Helpdesk / IT Support

Get the support you need to keep your technology running smoothly and ensure quick response and management of issues.

Network / Device Management

Enable seamless communications with a robust network and outsource lifecycle management for network devices.

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Our Managed Services Framework



Document, assess, and evaluate all your network and security assets



Design a plan to address vulnerabilities and proactively monitor all infrastructure components



Proactively manage and test critical network components, network security, and backup and disaster recovery processes



Use real-time analytics and AI to generate detailed reporting on security position and asset health



Constantly assess reporting to update policies, processes, and playbooks



Quarterly business reviews of trends, concerns, and future state planning

Keeping records about mining farm hardware


Owning hardware can be a real hassle. Managing the entire lifecycle of a piece of hardware is easily one of the most annoying source of hidden costs in many companies. Fortunately, the dynamic behind your hardware is changing.

FIRESPARK.IT’s hardware-as-a-Service lets you control your budget and improve your cashflow by eliminating capital expenditures for IT equipment. It also ensures your equipment is always updated, monitored, secure, and replaced whenever it’s fulfilled its use.

There is explosive potential in your information systems.

Maximize your use of IT and spark your growth.