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Our present is cloud-driven and data-fueled. Exploiting data through powerful enterprise software can be key to accelerating growth for an SMB. In a market full of solutions that are overpriced and packed with excessive features, Microsoft’s flagship ERP technology is empowering growing organizations with a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable cloud-ready solution.

Dynamics 365 Business Central gives organizational leaders greater financial visibility, streamlines processes with built in AI, and supports decision-making with real-time metrics and reporting. With improved resource control, integrated intelligence, and a holistic view of your organization, Dynamics 365 lets you run an SMB with enterprise-class capabilities.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials = Financials, Sales, Supply Chain, HR, and Project and Warehouse Management modules

Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium = Essentials + Manufacturing and Service Management

What can Microsoft Dynamics 365 do for you?

Financial Visibility

Connect financial data from across your entire organization with real-time metrics, BI, and predictive analytics to drive your decision-making process with insight.

Agile Supply Chain

Execute greater inventory control, predict stock replenishment dates, and automate purchase orders.

Accelerate Sales

Take control of your sales process and customer relations with built-in CRM capabilities.

Improve Project Management

Manage and track project status and budgets to ensure resource levels are on track, and use real-time profitability reports to make accurate business decisions.

Manage Compliance

Align to GDPR regulations and protect your data and your customer’s data with enterprise-level security features.

Business Anywhere

Run your business anywhere, anytime, from any device with full mobility support.











What can FIRESPARK.IT do for you?

FIRESPARK.IT is an experienced Microsoft partner with a track record of over 30 years working with ERP deployments. We can help you pave the right path towards a digital transformation of your business with Dynamics 365. We can help you deploy, adopt, and manage your solution to ensure you run it optimally and reap maximum benefit from it.

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Transform your decision-making process with intelligence.

Embrace the power of BI and real-time predictive analytics