Cloud Storage

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Get out of the datacenter management business with Azure cloud storage

Regardless of what your organization does, unless it’s a datacenter management company, you shouldn’t be spending too many business resources on datacenter management. Making a large investment into the physical infrastructure and specialized talent and resources needed to run an on-premise datacenter can often hinder an SMB’s potential. Your growing organization needs a fast, reliable, and cost-effective data storage solution that helps it leverage business data to create value.

With FIRESPARK.IT as your partner, you can optimize data storage, data utilization, and data transfer rates, while reducing your overall storage costs. We help you enable Azure’s centralized data storage and management, simplifying how you control volumes for NAS, iSCSI, and other storage protocols.

What can Azure cloud storage do for you?

Improve transfer rates 

Reduce latency, eliminate bottlenecks, and move data at a faster rate with the enterprise-level performance of cloud storage.  

Reduce Management Complexity 

Centralized management, automated storage tiering, and simplified controls guarantee a hassle-free experience regardless of where you need to move data. 

Optimize Data Use 

High-performance storage enables businesses to leverage data with artificial intelligence and automation, driving value across the board.  

Reduce TCO 

Azure cloud storage lets you scale as needed and pay for what you are using, allowing you to cut costs through well-configured data services and optimized utilization rates.   

High Availability and Low Disruption 

Remote replication and integrated data redundancy allows your business to keep high-availability for all of their critical data.  

Enhance Data Security 

Azure Cloud storage utilizes  enterprise-level cloud security that is constantly monitoring, testing, and updating to keep your data safe.   

Our Cloud Storage Framework



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Calculate projected cost-savings



Demonstrate viability of future-state



Conduct migration

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