Who we are

We’re FIRESPARK.IT and we are on a mission to help our clients reach their full potential by applying the right tools and processes needed to spark growth and success. We’ve been at it since 1991 and we’ve learned that we ony lead when we serve and that our success only comes from our clients’ success. Our experience and technical acumen make us the right technology partner to help you steer your organization in the right direction to maximize growth and efficiency.  

We partner with organizations looking to tap into the explosive potential within today’s modern information systems, helping you maximize collaboration between your internal and external team members, no matter where they are. We help you get your solutions and services delivered to your customers as quickly and efficiently as possible, and help you unlock the intelligence hidden within your own company data. We believe in the power of artificial intelligence and help you automate everything while securing everything.  

The Potential Energy Within Your Organization

In science, a simple definition of energy is the ability to do work. Scientists go further in defining potential energy as the energy within an object based on its makeup or position.  Science expresses potential energy with the symbol U, and we’ve always been fond of that nomenclature, because we like to think of the potential energy as the energy locked up within ourselves, an individual, an organization, or, the energy locked up within you.   

When applied correctly, this notion of the modern workplace has the potential to unleash an organization in ways that were previously unimaginable.  At it’s core, the modern workplace is about breaking down barriers: barriers preventing the kind of collaboration that fuels cross-functional teams, barriers between your data and the revelatory information within it.  Breaking down the barriers of location, of terms like internal and external team members and the barriers of accessing the same computational power of your largest competitors.  It’s about breaking down the constraints of systems that are not agile, that cannot scale, that prevent you from operating at the speed of business today. 

At FIRESPARK.IT, we recognize this potential within every organization, and we‘ve partnered with Microsoft to help you release it within yours.  We’ve not yet encountered an organization that does not see immediate results from unleashing their own potential.  You can expect these results to show up as lower costs, freeing up cash-flow, freeing up your team to achieve unlike they ever could in the past, freeing up your support staff to work on projects that propel you forward, instead of problems that are holding you back.  We’ll show you how to accomplish all of this, all the while your systems and data are secured and scalable to meet whatever challenges you may face down the road. 

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